Loving Checklists

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Checklists. I love checklists.

Humans are forgetful creatures. A checklist is an easy way to help us remember the process and order of things. In diving, checklists are especially important. Most people dive infrequently and the process of setup and getting ready for diving may not be a natural flow for them. And for those of us that dive a lot, or too much according to my wife, those same checklists keep us from being complacent or just skipping stuff because we’re in a hurry. Many times on a dive boat I get interrupted by someone with a problem or question while I am setting myself up. My checklist makes sure I go thru everything I need to ensure a fun and safe dive!

Partial Pressure and Dalton’s Law for Dummies

Written by Sheeper. Posted in Articles

Paul Seldes, Founder, Vero Beach Scuba Club.

I’ve noticed that many OW divers get thru the concept of partial pressure and Dalton’s law during OW class but don’t actually understand it. The concept of Partial Pressure and Dalton’s Law is a very important part of good dive planning and a critical part of nitrox and mixed gas diving. So here goes with what I hope is a simple explanation. There is a lot more to this topic and an advanced nitrox class will give you more in depth knowledge. If you want to get started with Nitrox Diving, the SDI Computer Nitrox Diver course is the place to start. Visit http://www.tdisdi.com/elearning-courses/computer-nitrox-diver/.

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